Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature’s law wrong It learned to walk without having feet Funny it seems but by keeping it’s dreams It learned to walk without having feet Funny it seems but by keeping it’s dreams It learned to breath fresh air Long […]

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I dont know if i should tell you about the soul that left its body this morning                       Or the one yesterday in the evening riding on top of the train instead of inside it              See for us we wait for such a moment of silence; The moment of last breath                      Sometimes we dont see DEATH we see their stunting ducking wires like a movie               This one lost their write Arm the day before yesterday it was a Tragedy…

Dont get me wrong we enjoying the stunting getting off a train while its moving               Cheerleaders cheering changing stunts just for the cheering…                                                Entertaining the same shit only when its convenient we smile when they stunting          Curse them only when they are hurting thats if they are not Corpse yet. Usually they  are.  I feel the crowd whistling while this one enterted when it was fast in motion.

We are a messed up society thats the only thing i can say about this….

Decolonization in Higher education.

“Universities is where you are rewarded for affirming European concepts as your ultimate universal reality”
~Dr Marimba Ani.

This is simply why some of us say the education system needs to change from white to Black and it needs to be free.
I still say the education system is very much oppressive to us black people and it needs to be wiped out as soon as possible.
This education system continues to make a group of individuals who completely forget the ways of where they come from this individuals have learned the white mans education that they follow white ways of human conduct. They even go to an extant of changing their outlook of life just to have it look white or rather now prefer white spaces and now see the “Ghettos” and the people from the “Ghettos”representing backwardness.

This people “hustled” from the ghettos and made it out of the ghettos by studying “so hard” studying the whitemans education let me not forget praying to White Jesus hoping white jesus helps them pass the whitemans education!
Now they say Ghetto people are backward, they don’t read, they are stupid etc. When township people Strike for basic needs they are at the front with discouraging words to people of the township. This are the very same people who still continue to pray to Pastor Nton Nton for prosperity into the white mans Company!

This people bare they dont believe in free education.This people dont believe in people occupying Land.This people dont believe in African traditional spirituality.This people are pissed by people having a peaceful strike. This people believe poor people are “lazy’ to make it to the top. This people simply reject anything done by people who are not educated in the whitemans education and sometimes the whitemans religion.This people are simply now diluted to the whitemans thinking and whitemans way of human conduct and since this individuals reject FREE DECOLONIZED EDUCATION I Reject them also I mean this people are happy when police shoot at students for Free education why should i take them serious?

I reject everyone who dont believe in Free Education! If you dont believe in free education you automatically fall under this group of individuals i mentioned above even when you dont afford education yourself.I REJECT YOU!

Some of us still believe the ground is fertile to take it to the street and shake this White people a bit in preparation to the upcoming Revolution.Free Decolonized Education is us and we are Free Decolonized Education.


Phamberi nge Fees must Fall ✊✊

Imphepho by Itumeleng Maleke


The white man knows our Afrikan ancestors were not ignorant and crazy. He brainwashed you to look back at them and their life enhancing and sustaining knowledge with contempt and disgust in your new garb of “holiness” which actually mocks you!!!

“Imphepho has been widely researched in recent years. A great deal of scientific and anecdotal evidence seems to support the claims of traditional healers”

– Medicinal Plants of South Africa by Ben-Erik van Wyk, Bosch van Outshoorn and Nigle Gerike, Briza Publications, 2002

“Ash from burnt Imphepho and fresh or dried areal parts of the plant are common ingredients in wound dressings; burning the plant causes chemical changes to the plant which effect its healing properties. The oils are said to be of great value in healing scars and acne, Imphepho is believed to stimulate cellular regeneration”

– In Celebration of Vynbos by Petra Vandecasteele, Struik, 2008.